Peki is in the middle of something BIG. During the summer he has worked really hard with his forthcoming book project. Here in the palace of Korea we have already seen many of these pix and we can already now promise that this shit is hot! It will blow your eyes out of their orbits!

To still keep your eyes rolling we have decided not to spoil you with sneak previews. At this point we will give Peki full freedom to work in a complete radio silence before the time is right for releasing the hurricane.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t updated new pix for you from other current projects. Earlier this year Peki took some photos for Annie’s 12″ Anthonio. Annie liked those photos so much that she wanted to have another photo session with Peki. Some of these new photos will be used on her new album sleeve, the rest as promo photos. But for you we will give a super exclusive DIY robot scenario.

Lately Peki has also been a guest speaker at several schools and once again had photo sessions for ST1, Suosikki (a lot of pictures including another new cover photo), Aalto University, Equens, and Total Identity. Besides that he has worked in three other projects for studios located in Helsinki, Berlin, and Hong Kong. Hopefully we can tell you more about these ones soon.



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