I have directed a short film for WÖYH! and it will be released… NOW.

Onko perjantaisi ollut tähän mennessä tasainen ja ärsyttävän järkevä? Juo viisi kupillista kahvia ja katso tämä minun ja Jussin WÖYH:lle tekemä video niin lupaan, että tarkistelet maailmaa sen jälkeen uusin silmin.

“Tässä se nyt on, olitte valmiit tai ette: WÖYH!, V4RHE ja vuoden varmasti villein videotaideteos! …Tämä on taas niitä juttuja, että jos näitä ulkomaalaisille suureen ääneen esiteltäisiin, pitäisivät meitä hulluina. Eivätkä varmaan olisi aivan väärässäkään.” Saku Schildt/Soundi


What a wonderful night it was. Our V4RHE short film for WÖYH! had its world premier yesterday in a fully packed Andorra movie theater in Helsinki. I would like to share some of my thoughts after the premier:

1) I have never received such massive applauses and storm of positive feedback as after the screening. ? Thank you!!!

2) I have now directed two music videos and photographed the album artwork and covers for three WÖYH! albums. For those we have created a lot of characters and visuals, ideas etc. Yesterday when people came to see our film at the #kaskelottirecordsgaala2017 many of you had costumes and clothes inspired by the things we have visualized on the videos and photos. I know that some of you have even created new art pieces based on our photos/visuals. Yesterday when I saw all you out there, it felt so fantastic it is hard to find words for it. You WÖYHÖ people have taken these videos and photos to the next level and made them your own. And I love it! When I looked around yesterday I saw seagulls, ballerinas, black metal masks, unicorns, monsters, space women, suits with feathers and golden glitter beards… you name it. For me it looked like WÖYH! people are like a big extended family where everybody can be who they are and come as they are.

Peace and love, Peki


THIS IS IT! One of the most lunatic productions I have ever done! I’m so so so proud of this video. I hope you love it as much as I do!

XXX, Peki Sinikoski

PS. So much good stuff on its way right now. Even more new and brilliant stuff with WÖYH! is going to be released soon when Dwzyrek will be out on April 17th as a gigantic special edition book/album full of my photos. So beware as this epic saga continues in the album art work as well.


“The starting point was that I had several visual ideas and I needed a good photographer. I got several recommendations for Aki-Pekka Sinikoski. When I contacted him I thought that he is “just a great photographer” but in the end I got even so much more than just killer photos! Peki listened carefully to all my ideas, selected the good ones and made them great. He really understood who we are and what we do. He also recommended a perfect graphic designer for us and together they crystalized the whole visual identity to our band (and for our IKKILLYK album, promotional photos, posters, ads, merchandise…) They also designed our webpage and helped with social media, PR and other communicational stuff. Some of these ideas even turned out to be performance concepts to our forthcoming concerts; including steam punk instruments, ballerinas and other pretty avantgardish stuff.
–Brilliant, brilliant stuff done with a great passion!”

/Jussi Hyyrynen, WÖYH!

“I have been working with really interesting stuff lately, but creating a visual wonderland for Finnish band WÖYH! has definetly been one of my favorites. Both members in WÖYH! are pretty well known in Finland as musicians (Jussi Hyyrynen as a lead guitarist in YUP and Antti Hyyrynen aka Hyrde as a lead singer and guitarist in Stam1na) but for WÖYH!’s debut album IKKILLYK they decided to start their own record label Kaskelotti Records.

At the beginning of this project we had long discussions so that I would know excatly what these guys wanted and what they didn’t want: Jussi gave me basically full artistic freedom to do what ever I felt was right. All the time during the project I could strongly feel they trusted me in my vision. Jussi always listened to my thoughts carefully and replied that let’s do this, I trust you. –When I said that I needed ballerinas for these photos he told me he trusted me. Same thing when I said that we absolutely need to have an instrument that looks like Doctor Snuggles (Tohtori Sykerö) has lost his old transmitter in the world of Mad Max – he trusted me. My response to this freedom was these pretty twisted visuals that have got incredible good feedback everywhere. For example based on Nuorgam’s album review WÖYH!’s CD package is not only gorgeus but also an example on why CD as a music format should exist also in the future.

Once again I was happy to work with (yet another Jussi) graphic designer Jussi Karjalainen. There were several reasons why I asked him to be a part of this project. The first one is that he is a hell of a graphic designer. The second one is that we work at the same Super 8 Studio and with projects like this, it really gives an advantage to have several fast micro meetings during the day to share the vision and to be sure we are building the same visual world. Co-operating we are really working with each other, creating ideas, stuff, and content together to be sure that photos and graphic design are based on the consept we created.

Yep, and I can promise that there are even more of our shared visions to come! And for the all you WÖYH! fans I can promise that we are already building some new spectacular stuff.”

/Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

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