May 4, 2019

Red Carpet Time with Astrid and Moshe Rosenzveig aka The Grand Master Flash of Head On Photo Festival. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Very often when you post photos on your webpage, blog or Instagram, the whole thing feels kind of unreal. How fantastic is it to come all the way here and actually meet people who stops you on the street just to tell you they really like the photographs we are doing together with Astrid. (THANK YOU!⭐️) So fantastic to get to know people who are touched by our art. How great does it feel to meet real people behind the virtual reality on your screen. 
We are so happy we suddenly have new friends here in Australia 🥳😃⭐️Not only computers but kangaroos and humans, too 😄😄😄🦘 And guess what, Astrid just dropped another tooth. What a night! 🦷❤️⭐️


September 28, 2010


Sleep, honey, c-vitamin, chicken soup and fairy tales about dragons. I’m at home with my daughter trying to help her to beat the flu. She just started to build a hut in our bed for her imaginery friend, a dog called Tapi. Pretty good signs that we can soon say au revoir to snot, coughing and fever.

Autumn has arrived not only with my daughter’s flu from kindergarden but also with coloful leaves and many great photo projects. I have just finished some shootings for companies like TeliaSonera, Ruukki and Global Blue. Next stop will be to shoot images for the visual identity of B-open Art Festival in Bergen, Norway.

Feels great to be back in Helsinki!

Cheers, Peki