TRE is one of the coolest spots in Helsinki right now with their interest in art/design/fashion/etc. So I’m really happy they wanted to do this story about the photo series we have been working with my daughter since 2013. And no worries, no Finnish skills needed, the interview is in English. 🙂
Peace & Love, Aki & Astrid


Sinikoski & Sinikoski: Ghosts Watching Over Me

Sinikoski & Sinikoski: Ghosts Watching Over Me


Sinikoski & Sinikoski: Ghosts Watching Over Me

Hello there! I will be working at an art recidency here in Northern Finland in July. The first part I will work here alone. The last week I will be working together with my daughter on this photo series we are making together. It’s called Ghosts Watching Over Me.

I started to take these photos when my daughter was only four. I think this series is dealing with the relationship between father and daughter and their fears. When my daughter was younger she was afraid of totally other things than today when she is already eight years old.

We are really proud of this photo finished today. We hope it is important for you as well. Take care, you are important!






Bye bye Endless Summer! My exhibition in Ii is now wrapped and gone but memories and photos will stay. I have got so much positive feedback from this exhibition that it really gives me a boost for my forthcoming projects.

When I was in Ii I was stopped on the street by locals who were inspired by my photos. The most absurd situation was when I went for the first time to Jäppisen Baari (local bar) after the opening ­and before I had even entered the place one wonderful man shouted “PEKIIIIII!” and wanted to shake my hand and thank me for the exhibition.
And even now when I’m back in Helsinki, some people have called me just to talk with me about the pictures. Several people has also told me that they have never seen an exhibition like this in Ii, as all the time they have walked next to the exhibition area there has been people looking at my pictures. So probably I don’t exaggerate if I say the exhibition was a success also from the perspective of community art 😀
For my part I would like to say THANK YOU!!!

It was truly a pleasure!

XOXO, Peki




P.S. These photos are taken in Ii between 2am ­4am during one night I tried to work with Photoshop. But probably you can imagine why I couldn’t stay inside staring at the computer all night 😉


Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos

Selfie + my just released book. –O’boy that is definitely a true 2 in 1 wonder!!!
During the last summer I worked as a guest artist at KulttuuriKauppila to arrange my Endless Summer exhibition in Ii. Now KulttuuriKauppila has published a small photo book (68 pages) of my works. I have planned to take a beautiful photo of the book to promote it here but the last weeks I have been too busy with this triangle of photo shootings, meetings, and a place called Photoshop. So, the beautiful, glossy photos of my book are coming later; first we go with this 2 in 1 snapshot wonder.
Here is a deal for you. No matter if you work with events, magazines, zines, museums, galleries, art blogs or other “culture things” I want to give you a copy of this small book of mine. Limited stock. First come, first served. So do yourself a favour and let your fingers guide you to the address sinikoski.com. Click “Contact” and drop me a message why you should get a free copy of this book and I will get back to you. smile emoticon

Peace & Love, Peki

kirja_bookie 2


Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos
Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos


When I was working in Ii I was blessed to meet Sanna Koivisto. She is not only one of the kindest persons out there, but also a great artist who has done more public monuments in Finland than any other artist. So probably you can imagine what it means for me when she goes and writes me this one!!!!
More information here: www.sinikoski.com

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos
Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos



ENDLESS SUMMER is the exhibition in public spaces in Ii. Because I’m so super happy with the result you can find it now online as well: www.sinikoski.com






Oh dear, sano John Deere. It’s been hectic up here. First of all: yesterday’s opening for Endless Summer was a blast! For me it felt like half of the village was there. I’m super happy with the result and pretty damn proud of the exhibition. I’ll write you more about that later.

Yesteday, before my own exhibition opening I had also a great workshop for 15 photographers from all over Finland and today I’m working as judge for Valto Pernu Photo Maraton. On their Facebook page you can find my latest interview made by YLE Oulu.

So yes, it has been an insanely busy week but LIFE IS GOOD!

Photos by Antti “SUPER DUDE” Leinonen

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