Jussi Karjalainen


We did a book cover for Oneiron together with graphic designer Jussi Karjalainen and dancer Karoliina Kauhanen. I’m happy that this brilliant book (Finlandia prize winner etc.) has been published with our cover also e.g. in Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. This one is from Norway …og den er kjempe flott. Hilser alle mine norske venner: gå ikke glipp av denne bok av Forlaget Oktober. (Easter photo by Forlaget Oktober)
Klem, Peki


Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing… So hey weirdos, step in: Welcome to the Takaperoisten Kuiskausten Metsä.

I directed and shot a music video for WÖYH!. I love it!
Click click click, and you will love it too 😀

Jussi Karjalainen was my co-pilot and we also made the script and the whole production together. Huge thanks to all the people involved in the project!!!


My First Band

My First Band

A friend of mine asked me if I have heard any good Finnish bands lately. I told her that there is one that I’m really excited about: My First Band. And now you heard that as well.

My First Band just got a record deal with Sony Music Finland and Sony Music Germany. They will be the opening band on the forthcoming Sunrise Avenue concerts in Europe – that will gather more than 100 000 people in a couple of weeks. If I would need to place a bet, my prediction is that they are the next BIG BAND from Finland.

The first single Don’t Break My Corazon hints that the band is “duran duranish new age modern talking” kind of pop but that’s not the whole picture. When you hear the whole forthcoming Corazon album you’ll find a superb combination of super artsy stuff wrapped in big, bold, and shameless pop tunes. – Briliant stuff!

My First Band photos (promo photos, album art works + covers – including the singles) are photographed by me. Graphic design by Jussi Karjalainen. Styling by Henna Koskinen.

Hyvää Pöhinää World Wide 2014


PS. More photos after the album hits the market… If you like this, you will love the album cover!


Passion and respect. Two great words. It’s great to work for and to work with passionate people you respect. Good Day – in Finnish Hyvä päivä. That is the title of Samae Koskinen’s new album. We are happy to tell you that Aki-Pekka Sinikoski photographed both the album art works and promotional photos for this album. Graphic design by our Super 8 Studio’s own beard warrior Jussi Karjalainen. Peki’s album art works for Samae’s Hyvä päivä and Kuuluuko kuuntelen albums can be found in the portfolio section.

BTW, several music magazines here in Finland have given outstanding reviews for Samae’s new album. So if you haven’t heard it yet, maybe you should. We love it!


“I’m coming to the harbour. You can stop me only by drowning 5000 people”

Musta höyhen (The Black Feather) is a cutting edge crime novel written in Finland. M/s Norlandia and its crew is ordered to do an easy two weeks gig in the Middle East by bringing 1800 refugees and to ship them to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. But as captain Sten Bremer leaves behind the masacre in Syria his ship is loaded with a chaotic crowd of 5000 refugees. Extreme right wing rises like a storm over Europe. No-one wants these people and harbour after harbour is closing their ports in front of the ship. The clock is ticking. And the dark sea is waiting…

Peki Sinikoski and Jussi Karjalainen, the award winning duo (Bada Bim Bada Bum) from Superkasi Studio, did the visual consept, photos and the graphic design for the first part of this crime novel series written by two well respected Finnish veteran novelists, Mauno Saari and Juha Numminen. The first of the Numminen & Saari books are out now and published by WSOY. Check it out! (Some embraising critics below in Finnish for all you Scandinavian crime fiction fans out there.)

…And oh YES, the client loved Peki’s and Jussi’s work so there is more to come!

Musta Höyhen

”Rikosromaani, joka on yhteiskunnallinen, poliittinen, ajankohtainen ja kansainvälinen – kaikkea tätä vetävässä paketissa.”

Heini Sivonen, Ilta-Sanomat

”Musta höyhen on kansainvälinen trilleri, toiminnantäyteinen meriromaani ja yhteiskuntakriittinen puheenvuoro. 
   (…) Trillerinä ja meriromaanina Musta höyhen toimii erittäin hyvin.”

Pertti Avola, Helsingin Sanomat

”Kirja on ajankohtainen ja siksikin koukuttava. (…) Kirjailijat kuljettavat juonta johdonmukaisesti lukijaruuvia kiristäen. Tapahtumat maissa ja merellä vuorottelevat notkeasti. Ihmisen raadollisuus rehottaa. Kirjassa on paljon hyviä ja eläviä henkilötyyppejä.”

Heikki Haapavaara, Kauppalehti


Läski mulkku, the new Samae Koskinen single is out now! The single is at the moment being power played at least in the Finnish broadcasting company’s radio YLEX.

The album art works for this and the forthcoming singles and album are made by winning duo from Super 8 Studios, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski and Jussi S. Karjalainen.

If you are ready for the summer and want to get some Läski mulkku, this is the right address Pretty pretty background image?


Jarkko Martikainen: Usko

Today the new album of Jarkko Martikainen has been released. It is titled ‘Usko’ which means faith in Finnish. Usko is also an old traditional male name in Finnish.

The picture concept of the album was created by me together with Jarkko, and graphic designer Jussi S. Karjalainen. It’s a visual story about an artist living by himself and thinking about faith and his relationship to religions. The photos of the album is showing how this man is building his own wooden poorboy (vaivaisukko) called Usko. The artist is starting to live his life together with this little wooden man.

These wooden poorboys have traditionally standed outside of churches to collect money for the sick and poor people. This wooden poorboy in the pictures was actually builded by Jarkko Martikainen himself.

The new album is excellent and I strongly recommend you to get it as a really beautiful limited deluxe version that includes not only a CD and a DVD, but also hell of a lot of great pictures taken by me.

All the best, Peki