I have something extraordinary for all my Japanese friends and followers out there. The wonderful Q Sakamaki ( @qsakamaki ) interviewed me for his highly ranked photo blog in the Japanese version of Newsweek magazine. Thank you so much Q ?Arigato ? 

For all my non-Japanese-speaking friends: When looking at ???the article with all those cool characters, you might have a feeling of being ”lost in translation”, but don’t worry, I can assure you every single word from me are truly the words of wisdom and I sound like a nobel hearted genious. (And all my Japanese followers actually understanding the text, please don’t break the illusion ???)


One of my biggest dream is to have an exhibition in Japan. So if there is anyone out there who can help me with this dream, please give me a shout. You can find my website address in my bio. 

平静& 愛情, Aki Sinikoski

Peace & Love, Aki Sinikoski


New York, Portland, San Francisco, Kyoto, and Osaka… I’m happy to tell you that I have just returned to Helsinki from my very first world tour. For the last weeks I have been photographing a really interesting project for TAF, Technology Academy Finland. TAF is an independent foundation established by Finnish industry together with the Finnish state. Every second year this foundation hands out the Millennium Technology Prize, that is Finland’s tribute to life-enhancing technological innovations. The size of the award is pretty much in the same level as the Nobel prize. The winner gets a lots of honour + one million dollars.

Unfortunately I have to admit that I didn’t get nominated for this scientific prize. But I was the one who travelled literally around the world to take the official photos of the laureates for the prize. So for me last weeks have been super hectic but also a lot of fun. It has also offered me some wonderful discussions with geniuses like Linus Torvalds, Shinya Yamanaka, Deepak Srivastava, Mark Charlebois, Greg Kroah-Hartman, and Jim Zemlin. I was also fortunate to see all those beautiful cherrry blossoms in Japan and visit really interesting places like Gladstone Institute, San Francisco and CiRA, Kyoto.

Now, just some moments ago, TAF has announced the laureates for the Millenium Prize 2012. So do yourself a favour: go and check out some mindblowing ideas from their WEBSITE.