Last Machos


Summer is here, you are here, and even the new Kamera Magazine is here including an EIGHT PAGES ARTICLE OF ME!!! –WOW, I didn’t see this one coming. Feeling happy and honoured! ?❤️⭐️



My Last Machos today in Finland’s most important newspaper’s culture pages. ❤️?⭐️


What a beautiful night it was full of sunshine! Thanks to all of you at yesterday’s opening party.
I also want to thank the ones who made this exhibition possible and the ones who have trusted and suported my artistic work during all these years. Huge thank you goes to Suomen kulttuurirahasto, Svenska Kulturfonden, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Patricia Seppälän Säätiö, JOKES, and Puite.
Peace & Love, Peki
PS. Exhibition is up and running till 1.8.2017. Be sure not to miss it. Why?!? Because you will love it!!!!


Aki-Pekka Sinikoski - Last Machos

Last Machos goes Helsinki! This is a pre-warning for you! When all the other artists and galleries will have their summer holiday here in Finland I will take over Helsinki together with my Last Machos. And hey, you are more than welcome to Creat Space gallery (Albertinkatu 12, Helsinki) run by Creat. You will get more details soon but the main information you need to write down in your calendar already now is the opening on 20 July, 2017. It will be hot, it will be epic, it will be beautiful, it will be something you do not want to miss.

XOXO, Peki

PS. It really doesn’t matter if you have teeth or not but you should smile ’cause you are invited!


Aki-Pekka_Sinikoski_Last Machos

Closing time my friends! My first gallery exhibition with Last Machos is now over. Big and warm thank you to all the visitors and people who have helped me with this exhibition including friends, family members, and all my assistants – everyone who have helped me during the years. I would also like to thank Svenska Kulturfonden, Taike, Patricia Seppälän Säätiö, Jokes and Suomen Kulttuurirahasto who have funded my working during these years with Finnish Teens and Last Machos. It’s amazing to have all of you out there pushing me forward. So honestly: Thank you!



Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos

I have been extremely happy that so many of you have seen my exhibition and many of you have even made a day trip from Helsinki to Porvoo to see my exhibition.
Today I even got a message from one of the visitors that she and her father had visited the exhibition and both of them were so touched that they couldn’t leave the exhibition with dry eyes. Another visitor told me the he had laughed hysterically there together with his dad and daughter.

…What more can I ask for?!? Strong emotional reactions with full scale. Thank you so much for all this wonderful feedback ?

Next week is the last week of my Last Machos exhibition; it will be there only until November 27th. Gallery will be open from Tuesday to Sunday. So be sure not to miss it!

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos



Great great great review about my Last Machos exhibition. And no worries if you are not good at reading this in Swedish. You still have time to visit the exhibition by yourselves and make your own review about it. The exhibition is open until November 27th at Galleria Vanha Kappalaisentalo.


Aki-Pekka Sinikoski - Uusimaa

Another great review about my Last Machos exhibition.


Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Last Machos

Selfie + my just released book. –O’boy that is definitely a true 2 in 1 wonder!!!
During the last summer I worked as a guest artist at KulttuuriKauppila to arrange my Endless Summer exhibition in Ii. Now KulttuuriKauppila has published a small photo book (68 pages) of my works. I have planned to take a beautiful photo of the book to promote it here but the last weeks I have been too busy with this triangle of photo shootings, meetings, and a place called Photoshop. So, the beautiful, glossy photos of my book are coming later; first we go with this 2 in 1 snapshot wonder.
Here is a deal for you. No matter if you work with events, magazines, zines, museums, galleries, art blogs or other “culture things” I want to give you a copy of this small book of mine. Limited stock. First come, first served. So do yourself a favour and let your fingers guide you to the address Click “Contact” and drop me a message why you should get a free copy of this book and I will get back to you. smile emoticon

Peace & Love, Peki

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