Summer is here, you are here, and even the new Kamera Magazine is here including an EIGHT PAGES ARTICLE OF ME!!! –WOW, I didn’t see this one coming. Feeling happy and honoured! ?❤️⭐️


This is my very own Biggie Smalls post. A post that I’m forced to start with a bit of twisted quote: “It was all a dream. I used to read Photo Raw magazine… ”

Photo Raw magazine has a clear vision. It’s exploring photography from all around the world: documentary, photojournalism and art. It wants to be a voice of all photographers and show the most interesting photo projects from all over. During the last four years it has become the magazine that propably all the professional photographers and photo lovers are subscribing here in Finland. Besides that the magazine has a growing fan base all over the globe.

During all these years Photo Raw has shown me amazingly great photos and mind blowing projects. Many times that damn magazine has made me almost frustrated. “How the heck can all these people take so much better pictures than me?”

You can just imagine how I felt when the Photo Raw contacted me to make a cover story of my Finnish Teens photo series. They wanted to publish a photo by me as the cover and to publish a 29 pictures portfolio of my pictures!!!

So, do yourself a favor and let your feet guide you to the closest magazine stand to buy The Juicy Photo Raw #15.

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