Samae Koskinen


Sunrise! Time to wake up! There is a bit of snow left in Helsinki but I can feel it in the air already. Spring is finally here!  This morning is the beginning of everything. So much good stuff on its way.

BOOM! There is a major update on Korea’s website.

New interesting projects and a lot of new photos in Peki’s portfolio: Last Machos, Walkapolis, WÖYH!, Samae Koskinen, Dom kan inte se oss så länge vi är synliga, Landscapes, The Scenes, An Island… And there is even more to come. So it’s definetly time to wake up and time to take a moment for you to tune in to our new photos. This is your moment. Do not rush. Breathe.



Passion and respect. Two great words. It’s great to work for and to work with passionate people you respect. Good Day – in Finnish Hyvä päivä. That is the title of Samae Koskinen’s new album. We are happy to tell you that Aki-Pekka Sinikoski photographed both the album art works and promotional photos for this album. Graphic design by our Super 8 Studio’s own beard warrior Jussi Karjalainen. Peki’s album art works for Samae’s Hyvä päivä and Kuuluuko kuuntelen albums can be found in the portfolio section.

BTW, several music magazines here in Finland have given outstanding reviews for Samae’s new album. So if you haven’t heard it yet, maybe you should. We love it!


Läski mulkku, the new Samae Koskinen single is out now! The single is at the moment being power played at least in the Finnish broadcasting company’s radio YLEX.

The album art works for this and the forthcoming singles and album are made by winning duo from Super 8 Studios, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski and Jussi S. Karjalainen.

If you are ready for the summer and want to get some Läski mulkku, this is the right address Pretty pretty background image?




A lot of great projects in the pipeline right now. Magazine covers, four album art works (including covers), portraits of and for different business leaders, marketing photos for different companies etc. I’m also happy to announce that I will take part in the MoA 2011 exhibition taking place in Helsinki at May 12th-29th.

Samae Koskinen‘s new album Kuuluuko, kuuntelen has been released today. I did the album art work for it together with 2–5 years old kids. My consept for the album was simple but great: To use the one and same photo for every cd single, cd album, and the vinyl – but to make the expression for all these covers totally different with the help of children’s drawings on top of the photo. Technically this was made in good old school way: Big black and white photo prints painted over with oil crayons by several very young artists. Graphic design for the album was made by Jussi S. Karjalainen from my Super8 Studio.

You can find the album art works for the CD and vinyl versions on the top. Below you will find the video sampler with all of these images. Check out iTunes for the deluxe digital version of the album with the digital booklet. Btw, Samae’s album is excellent!

Yours, Peki