Happy to share with you that my Finnish Teens photos are right now part of the Wiesbaden fototage exhibition in Germany. So if you happen to be in Frankfurt, do yourself a favor and make a day trip to the idyllic Wiesbaden and say greetings to my photos 🙂

Wiesbaden fototage is the oldest photographic biennale in Germany and you can find my photos in the gallery of ”Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst”. Finnish Teens was curated to the exhibition by amazing Katja Maria Nyman.

Peace & Love, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski


After two weeks of shootings for WWF, Aalto University, Herra Ylppö, My First Band and my own projects I just finished another two weeks photoshop maraton. Besides that I have just started a great co-operation with two Finnish designers. This co-operation has just started but it looks like it will turn into an exhibition in late 2014. (More about this soon…)

The next five weeks the Kingdom of Korea will be out of their royal office. It will be a perfect combination of holidays, meetings, and a lot of foot work at different events, parties and so on. There will even be a couple of photosessions but definitely not office work nor photoshop. Instead there will be a lot of long walks, sunshine, parks, coffee in the night time and hanging out with my daughter. Our royal family will also travel to Sweden and Denmark to meet some of our colleagues and artists and to check the latest vibes from the Scandinavian art scene. Probably we are also going to meet all the other Scandinavian royal families. We can’t confirm that yet but at least we have sent golden faxes with diamond details to ask them to arrange a royal gathering where we can polish our armors side by side!

Cheers, Aki

PS. Check out this URL if you want more renewable energy to Finland.