October 25, 2015

Aki-Pekka Sinkoski: Maija

Aki-Pekka Sinkoski: Maija

Aki-Pekka Sinkoski: Maija

There are things in this life that just needs to be done. This photo shooting for Maija was one of them. There wasn’t really a budget or even time for it but all of us just really wanted to do it. And I’m super happy we did it!
What a beautiful day!

Peace & Love, Peki Sinikoski


July 6, 2015

YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) made a radio interview with me working here in Ii/Kulttuurikauppila. It’s in Finnish so, hyvät herrat ja rouvat, tytöt ja pojat sekä kaikki muutkin immeiset: Jos haluatte juoda kupillisen kahvia ja kuunnella kun tää nuori ukkeli turinoi vanhemmista ukkeleista ja täällä Iissä olemisesta, niin nyt siihen olis elämänne tilaisuus. Ei muuta kuin kahvi tassuun ja äänet täysille.

Haastattelijana YLE Oulun toimittaja Kati Teirikko.


June 25, 2015

I have made some, what we in Finnish would call, K-65 workshops here in Ii; that means they are not allowed for people under the age of 65. I never ever believed that one of those workshops would end up in YLE’s (Finnish broadcasting company) TV news. But here we go! …And to be honest, I never imagined to laugh like that on the news 😉


July 14, 2012

I’m happy to tell you that this evenings main TV News let us know that Aki-Pekka Sinikoski is in the frontline of the new rise of documentary photography in Finland. The news was published by YLE, Finnish National Broadcasting Company and can be found HERE.

For those who are not familiar with Finnish the news clip tells that there are now some really interesting documentary photographers coming from Finland like Aki-Pekka Sinikoski, Maija Tammi, and Juuso Westerlund.

FRONTLINE! Ooh la la, that sounds great… and just to give you some inside rumours from the palace of Korea, Peki is at the frontline even now… but this time his tool is a vacuum cleaner.


October 3, 2011

O’boy! Who could see this one coming?!? Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE made a story about my Finnish Teens exhibition for their main TV news.

Check it out HERE

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski: Finnish Teens


Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE’s Radio1 has one of my favorite radio programs called Kultakuume. It’s a superb culture program and I got the honour to be interviewed for it by Kai Ristola. You can listen the interview HERE

Also the small nice underground radio called Lähiradio asked me to visit their culture program Aspe & Co. So if you want to listen to almost 45 minutes of me speaking, you can find the clip HERE. But I have to warn you, That’s a lot of speaking – but with some good tunes included as well.