Sinikoski & Sinikoski

Hello fellows! I just wanted to drop you photos from yesterday’s short term exhibition called Tired Bird in the Waiting Room.

We artists often try to do something that leaves a mark in the history. To make us kind of immortal. When I was little my father told me mosquitos are alive only for one day. It felt like well if they live on this planet for such a short time, why do they have to be born at all? Just to die a short moment afterwards… We just wanted you to know that there will be a sequence of exhibitions to follow with this photo series we have been working on since my daughter was four years old. These exhibitions will last for only one day or less, and we will not promote them in any way in advance. They just happen in random places without notice. 
Maybe you now ask what’s the purpose of such a short exhibition if no one else knows about it. But that’s your question, not ours. We already have the answer.

Sinikoski & Sinikoski

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