There are those super brief moments when you are proud of something you have done. (Moments just before you usually find yourself stepping on dog💩 or something similar 🥳)

To celebrate this short moment of gratitude, I wish to share with you some exhibition news I’m happy and proud of. Something that makes me smile. Something both me and Astrid have worked hard for, for many years.

First of all, at the moment I have three international exhibitions at the same time. Two of them together with my daughter Astrid✌️😃✌️

1. I Love Dogs, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia 
2. New Ghosts, Museum of Photography, Riga, Latvia
3. New Ghosts, Photo Is:rael, Tel Aviv, Israel

In Israel, we are also one of the finalists for the Meitar Award. 🏆 In Sydney, I’m exhibiting next to fantastic Roger Ballen, and one of my photos is also a nominee for the Best Portrait Photo.

The last years haven’t been only sunshine, but still we have managed to have more than 20 exhibitions in Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Russia (Moscow & Yekaterinburg), Malesia, Latvia, Georgia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Inari, Orivesi, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, and Helsinki.

I want to thank each and everyone who has helped Astrid and me during our journey. You know who you are. Thank you ⭐️ And still: This is just the beginning! I have even more good news waiting just around the corner. More about that soon❤️

Take care, you are important!

Aki & Astrid

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