👋 Time to take a deep breath 👀 🌊 😉😃 Any other New Ghosts summer plans? 🌴

🌍 After more than 20 exhibitions worldwide, it’s now time to relax, swim & play street basketball. 🏀

🥳 The last few days, we have used our time wisely by listening to a lot of 90/00 hip-hop & fresh afrobeat tunes. 😍

Next week Aki travels to Arles 🇫🇷 to show some of our new works to curators all around the world. In the meantime, Astrid will take our ghosts to confirmation camp 👻⭐️ -Time to get them baptized! 😉

👉 In the autumn, we are dropping some big news for you. 

Take care. You are important! ❤️🙏⭐️

Aki & Astrid

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