BIG NEWS! New Ghosts will be published as a book by S&S  🥳 🥳 

YES, we are proud to tell you we have signed a publishing contract with S&S to share our story. The book will include our artworks, but also the first decade’s journey. There will be a lot of new photos and behind-the-scenes material including texts written by both of us ✌️😃✌️   ✌️😃✌️

The book will be out in autumn 2023!


XOXO, Aki & Astrid

Aki and Astrid Sinikoski’s photo series New Ghosts portrays the relationship between father and daughter and their attempts to understand life, change, and the passage of time.  

Father and daughter have planned and made the photo series together as an artist duo since 2011. It will be published as a whole in 2058 when Aki turns 80 and Astrid is 50.


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