O’boy, new year, New Delhi, and… new webpage! Needless to say, a lot of new goodies and visual hooks available. So enjoy! And then we have this thing called year 2009! What should I say: Uh… Work out… Plenty of rest… You know, eat your green vegetables… Seriously I thing it’s going to be hard times for many people. But still, for some reason, I feel carefully optimistic. Propably 2009 will be the end of the era of bling bling. The end of one chapter will also be the beginning of a new one. Propably there are a million things that people and companies have to re-think.

Throughout history, hard times has often worked like composts. During the last years we have just dumped everything. Now we are living the period when all of these rotten structures start to stink. I hope that all this waste has soon turned into green gold. At least I hope this ground will seed new ideas, new phenomens, new ways to think and act for a better future… Yep! At least I hope so. Anyway, we are not going to slow down. Actually we are just about to run like Paavo Nurmi. We are having a lot of great projects going on and 2009 will propably be our busiest year ever!

Korea 2009 – Tougher than Cobra, Rocky, and Rambo and all their dads together!

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