We are so happy and honored to have been selected as finalists in the Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography.

We are one of 20 artists the jury selected from 50 countries all over the world.

New Ghosts is part of the finalists’ exhibition at the 9th International Photography Festival on 17–27 November in Tel-Aviv.

❤️ Aki & Astrid


Good news! I will exhibit my photo series I Love Dogs in Sydney, Australia at the Head On Photo Festival! 🍾

I have been documenting people and their lives in Finland since 2008. This series started while my childhood friend Sam the Guardian Dog and I traveled around Finland. After some deep discussions about identity and change, we began photographing men whose identities included pup play.  And yes, of course, I took a portrait of my dear friend Sam as well. 

I think this photo series is a journey into the diversity of human beings—discussions about identity and change, about accepting oneself and people around you as they are. 

I Love Dogs, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia. 19 November to 19 December 2021


New Ghosts by Aki & Astrid Sinikoski
Latvian Museum of Photography

⭐️ Hi friends! 

If you are visiting Riga, be sure not to miss our exhibition at the Latvian Museum of Photography. New Ghosts by me and my daughter Astrid has taken over the whole 3rd floor! 

And that’s not all: On the 2nd floor there are also great photo exhibitions by Juuso Westerlund and Johannes Romppanen

All of the exhibitions curated by Tuula Alajoki
More information: Latvian Museum of Photography


Kranj Foto Fest starts today in Slovenia. We are super proud to be part of it with our New Ghosts photos.❤️

Later this autumn New Ghosts will be exhibited at the Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga.
More exhibition news & other good stuff soon. 

Peace & Love, Aki & Astrid



We love the magical light summer nights here in Finland. That’s why we wanted to turn them even more magical.

We are celebrating momentariness with a series of screenings with our latest video work: LAST SONG. Screening performances take place at late night in carefully selected, but totally random locations all around Finland and without any notice in advance.

We are looking forward to meet, serve and celebrate with people we’ve never meet before. (And let’s see, maybe we will even meet somebody we already know 😊) These screening performances are always dedicated to all of you whose path crosses ours totally accidentally. Let’s celebrate those magical moments and encounters. Let’s celebrate wonderful summer nights. Let’s celebrate life.

❤️ Aki & Astrid



New Ghosts at Turku Kunsthalle is open until 11 July 2021. Please, notice that if you are living in Finland you only have two weeks before it’s our time to say goodbye to Finland. 

New Ghosts photos have now been exhibited in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Tampere, Jyväskylä, and Inari – so now we are heading back on the road for exhibitions abroad. More news soon. 😊

Take care ❤️⭐️🙏

Aki & Astrid


Small interview by: KulttuuriKauppila

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski is a Helsinki-based photographer and author whose best-known works include Finnish Teens (2011), Last Machos (2016), I Love Dogs (2020) and New Ghosts (2011–2058). Sinikoski often describes his artistic photo production methods as lengthy and time consuming. According to Sinikoski this is because of the exceptional scope of the documentary series but also due to his wish to capture the passing of time. He is not looking for decisive moments but rather the stagnant feeling just after these moments.

Sinikoski has graduated as Master of Art from the Department of Media at Aalto University, Finland. His major subject is from the Aalto University’s Institution of Photography. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, and his work has been published by e.g. The Guardian and Vogue Italia.

Change and identity are reoccurring themes in Sinikoski’s work. He works in multiple different mediums, and the medium selects itself through the aim and content of the project at hand.

‘’I love both words and photographs. One of the biggest differences between the two mediums is the way that they are perceived by the observer. In a text the story is formed a word and a sentence at a time, and what is said in the next sentence does not exist until it is read. Photograph on the other hand reveals immediately some sort of general view, which gets more detailed the longer you spend observing the photo. Photograph also has always a somewhat strong relationship to reality,’’ Sinikoski explains.

This residency period was Sinikoski’s third time working in Ii. His previous visits were in 2015 and 2016.

‘’I feel very comfortable here in Ii and KulttuuriKauppila, it’s a good place to be. In the mornings the neighbour’s rooster greets me when it hears my footsteps approaching. Life is calm and simple, but at the same time I feel that the place is almost magical. Few nights ago I finished writing late at night, and went out for a stroll. By coincidence I ended up jamming with local musicians in the neighbourhood, who I met during my previous residency period in Ii. In between the jamming we went outside to just talk and admire the magical Northern Lights illuminating the sky above us. It was an unforgettable night that just happened, without any plan.’’  

During his residency period in Ii, Sinikoski worked on a sound installation, his photographs and two different book projects.

‘’The first book project is continuation to my children’s book Under the Moon‘ (Kuun valossa / Under månen)which was published last year. The other book is related to the ‘New Ghost’ photography series, which I have been working on with my daughter Astrid since 2011. The series has been shot around the world, including here in Ii in 2016 when I was here in a residency together with my daughter. KulttuuriKauppila has become a dear place to me, where I have found both like-minded people as well as the peace and quiet to listen to myself. During my residencies I have managed to get a lot of work done, but at the same time also take my artistic work forward, even to new directions.’’ 

The residency period was supported by Svenska Kulturfonden. Photos by: Aki-Pekka Sinikoski


Happy to tell you I got nominated for Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award

Last week I got the nomination for Belfast Photo Festival

I’m feeling happy and grateful for these nominations
+ hopeful to meet new interesting people through art.



Hello my friend! Even it’s still winter up here in the north, today you can already feel the spring in the air. Finally we are going towards the light 😊❄️🌞

I have some good exhibition news for you as well. We will have a New Ghosts exhibition in Kunsthalle Turku (Turun Taidehalli) during next summer. So happy to hit the road again with my favourite artist, my daughter Astrid. ⭐️


Album Covers and Promo Pictures for Herra Ylppö & EX


me aka Aki-Pekka Sinikoski aka Peki. 😀

You can find more photos HERE

Peace & Love, Peki