Horrible terrible black suit, an opera hat, and dark circles under his eyes. The King of Korea Peki is back from San Francisco. He came back to offer some peanut butter candies for his mother and some visual goodies for you.

Your local visual dealer has updated new pics online. –Good shit world wide! Beautiful landscape photos and brilliant portraits of Finnish teens, Regina, Danko Jones, Happoradio, Redrama, Annie, and McG, the director of new Terminator Salvation movie.

You can also spot Peki’s picture with Jukka Duudson on the cover of latest Suosikki magazine. Peki has also taken promo photos for the new season of TV-series Huvila and Huussi. There has also been a lot of great photos for other clients too like Aalto University and ST1. For St1 he worked in co-operation with Imagemaker to promote ST1’s super great innovation that turns waste and sidestreams into bioethanol in small local units.



There is places and subjects that are photographed by millions of photographers in the world. One of these are definetly Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. So here we go, this is Peki’s version of the Cliché.

Peki was invited to San Francisco to visit George Lucas’ super legendary company Industrial Light & Magic which has invented basically all the new techinical innovations in film industry in last 30 years.



We have started this year with plenty of great projects. Peki just came back from Berlin where he was having a photo session with Norwegian Annie for her forthcoming 12″ release. Covers are going to be made by the same duo behind the visual identity of Helsinki Biennale, Petri Henriksson and Aki-Pekka Sinikoski. Here is a raw sneak peak from the photo session.



O’boy, new year, New Delhi, and… new webpage! Needless to say, a lot of new goodies and visual hooks available. So enjoy! And then we have this thing called year 2009! What should I say: Uh… Work out… Plenty of rest… You know, eat your green vegetables… Seriously I thing it’s going to be hard times for many people. But still, for some reason, I feel carefully optimistic. Propably 2009 will be the end of the era of bling bling. The end of one chapter will also be the beginning of a new one. Propably there are a million things that people and companies have to re-think.

Throughout history, hard times has often worked like composts. During the last years we have just dumped everything. Now we are living the period when all of these rotten structures start to stink. I hope that all this waste has soon turned into green gold. At least I hope this ground will seed new ideas, new phenomens, new ways to think and act for a better future… Yep! At least I hope so. Anyway, we are not going to slow down. Actually we are just about to run like Paavo Nurmi. We are having a lot of great projects going on and 2009 will propably be our busiest year ever!

Korea 2009 – Tougher than Cobra, Rocky, and Rambo and all their dads together!



Last months Peki has worked hard for organizing and curating Helsinki Biennale. He has also worked with visuals for the biennale together with Petri Henriksson. Here you can find some examples of the visual identity they made together. By the way: the t-shirts were pretty cool not only because they looked great but also because they were made with a minimal environmental footprint. Helsinki Biennale’s limited edition t-shirts have been printed on EarthPositive = Organic cotton + ethically traded clothes + carbon neutral manufacturing. More Helsinki Biennale stuff can be found at




If sleep is new black we are wearing all white! Peki actually wrote that on Helsinki Biennale’s website sometimes in July and now we have to say that damn, he’s a prophet! The last months we have been working like three Esaus! Royal family of Korea is doing it with style. Jessica is back from maternity leave and she is working for YLE with Pink Eminence to produce massive Kulttuurikunto -project in Swedish. Isla is learning to walk and talk. Peki has been working hard for Helsinki Biennale. It is going to be a World Fair taking place in Design Museum. It is curated and organized by him with more than 150 artist involved. He has also been working with a project called Artnet. These both invisible projects that you haven’t been enable to see are soon right in front of your eyes. The Helsinki Biennale opening is 24th October 6 p.m. Artnet will be launched 30th October 6 p.m. Peki has also been doing a lot of great photo projects. To pick up our favorite ones he has taken promotional photos for Metronome Film & Television Company, for the new Rajaton album cover and for Raivio & Kulju’s exhibitions in London and Liverpool. He also made the portrait of Helena Hyvönen, the new rector of Universiy of Art and Design Helsinki. There has also been many photo sessions in the music business (e.g. Apulanta, Lordi, Von Hetzen Brothers…) and some projects in fashion industry and some projects in the field of art… we will upload those photos on the webpage after Helsinki Biennale’s opening. By the way, as a friend of Korea, you are of course invited to the opening. Check out more: