Horrible terrible black suit, an opera hat, and dark circles under his eyes. The King of Korea Peki is back from San Francisco. He came back to offer some peanut butter candies for his mother and some visual goodies for you.

Your local visual dealer has updated new pics online. –Good shit world wide! Beautiful landscape photos and brilliant portraits of Finnish teens, Regina, Danko Jones, Happoradio, Redrama, Annie, and McG, the director of new Terminator Salvation movie.

You can also spot Peki’s picture with Jukka Duudson on the cover of latest Suosikki magazine. Peki has also taken promo photos for the new season of TV-series Huvila and Huussi. There has also been a lot of great photos for other clients too like Aalto University and ST1. For St1 he worked in co-operation with Imagemaker to promote ST1’s super great innovation that turns waste and sidestreams into bioethanol in small local units.


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