Greetings from the palace of Korea. We do not have wasps here, nor ants or mosquitoes either. Only buzy bumblebees buzzing in the Finnish winter wonderland ready to serve you the sweetest honey.

We are super excited about the new decade. We are sure year Twenty Ten is going to offer us fantastic new adventures plus a lot of opportunities and greatness. The last months have been the busiest in Korea’s history. That means hell of a lot interesting shootings including some of the best works we have done. Future looks even brighter!

Definitely a nice thing was that legendary The New Yorker Magazine wanted to buy Aki-Peki’s photo of pop star Annie for their January 11th 2010 issue. You can find the exclusive photo and Sasha Frere-Jones’ great article here.

Before the X-mas snowstorms Peki also shot cover + all booklet pictures in Berlin for the forthcoming Casiokids album. Double CD will be released together with 26 pages booklet including more than 30 Sinikoski’s picture. Graphic design for the CD is made by Petri Henriksson/Blank Blank. Album will be released first in Norway and after that at least in the UK and USA. We will post Casiokids’ photos as soon as the record hits the store.

Meanwhile, check out our galleries. There is plenty of new stuff including marketing photos Peki took for Helsingin Sanomat. Helsingin Sanomat will use these photos mostly as a part of their B-to-B marketing in prints, products, and presentation slideshows (example below). Photos are made in co-operation with Family Inc Advertising Agency. We were super happy to make the client’s voice visible and even happier to hear that “the final result was exactly what they wanted and even so much more than we could even ask for.”

Happy new decade folks! May it be colourful & sweet!



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