Good news my friends! I have just signed a contract for a solo exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Photography. It will take place in September 2011. I’m really happy that I got a chance to exhibit my works in the greatest photography arena in Finland. Still almost one year to go but hey, I have to warn you: This is going to be the BIG one!

All the best, Peki




Sleep, honey, c-vitamin, chicken soup and fairy tales about dragons. I’m at home with my daughter trying to help her to beat the flu. She just started to build a hut in our bed for her imaginery friend, a dog called Tapi. Pretty good signs that we can soon say au revoir to snot, coughing and fever.

Autumn has arrived not only with my daughter’s flu from kindergarden but also with coloful leaves and many great photo projects. I have just finished some shootings for companies like TeliaSonera, Ruukki and Global Blue. Next stop will be to shoot images for the visual identity of B-open Art Festival in Bergen, Norway.

Feels great to be back in Helsinki!

Cheers, Peki



God morgon Sverige! In the shooting set up with my daughter Isla. For the last weeks I have have been working here in Södermalm with the pre-production for my next photo project starting this Autumn. After weeks of a super intensive work session I’m now having one week holliday here with Isla. So beware Victoria – there is a new princess in town!

XXX, Peki


What a gig at Forbidden City in Peking. All these wonderfull people came over just to see me perform… or not really… But I defenetly had one of the most bizarre shootings ever in Forbidden City with lovely rock band Stalingrad Cowgirls from Finland. It felt really quite weard to suddenly realize that there was a hell of a lot more people behind the camera than in front of the camera. Actually there was people lining to see our photo shooting! Only in Asia!

The shooting was a blast and so were Riina, Henna and Enni. We did even more photos back in Helsinki. The photo below ended up as the cover of Suosikki magazine.

Yours, Peki





Perfect night. Drinking coffee in the sunset by the sea after chilling the whole day with my family in the Finnish archipelago. Last months have been pretty hectic, but to be honest
– I like it that way.

I just got back from Peking where I photographed Finnish rock band Stalingrad Cowgirls. At this point I can’t really tell you more about this project except that we had super fun. You’re going to love the photos as soon I’m able to show them for you.

Actually I can promise you that Korea will soon bless you with an update with even more new pictures that will steal your heart. That’s because there is so many great projects going on right now for clients like Universal Music Finland, Suunto, Helsingin Sanomat, Palloliitto, Suosikki and ImageMaker.

I’m also happy to tell you that from now on I am represented in the US by Wonderful Machine.

Cheers, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski



Veikkaus just published a book called Respect. It’s the third book in a series written by Erkki Alaja, legendary power player in Finnish sport. The successful athletes interviewed for the new book are all photographed by the one and only, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski. Graphic design is by Sasu Haanpää. We have updated some of these photos to the gallery section.

Be sure to check them out!





Greetings from the palace of Korea. We do not have wasps here, nor ants or mosquitoes either. Only buzy bumblebees buzzing in the Finnish winter wonderland ready to serve you the sweetest honey.

We are super excited about the new decade. We are sure year Twenty Ten is going to offer us fantastic new adventures plus a lot of opportunities and greatness. The last months have been the busiest in Korea’s history. That means hell of a lot interesting shootings including some of the best works we have done. Future looks even brighter!

Definitely a nice thing was that legendary The New Yorker Magazine wanted to buy Aki-Peki’s photo of pop star Annie for their January 11th 2010 issue. You can find the exclusive photo and Sasha Frere-Jones’ great article here.

Before the X-mas snowstorms Peki also shot cover + all booklet pictures in Berlin for the forthcoming Casiokids album. Double CD will be released together with 26 pages booklet including more than 30 Sinikoski’s picture. Graphic design for the CD is made by Petri Henriksson/Blank Blank. Album will be released first in Norway and after that at least in the UK and USA. We will post Casiokids’ photos as soon as the record hits the store.

Meanwhile, check out our galleries. There is plenty of new stuff including marketing photos Peki took for Helsingin Sanomat. Helsingin Sanomat will use these photos mostly as a part of their B-to-B marketing in prints, products, and presentation slideshows (example below). Photos are made in co-operation with Family Inc Advertising Agency. We were super happy to make the client’s voice visible and even happier to hear that “the final result was exactly what they wanted and even so much more than we could even ask for.”

Happy new decade folks! May it be colourful & sweet!




Snowstorm and champagne in Stockholm. The King of Korea just arrived back to Helsinki to work with some great new photo projects. Ajja Bajja, Bang Bang!

But our news is not only about Finland and Sweden. It’s pretty much about Norway too, where Casiokids has released their new album “Topp Stemning på Lokal Bar”. Aki-Pekka Sinikoski has taken more than 30 awesome photos for this digipacked double CD.

After Norway, Casiokids will release the album in the USA and UK as a double CD and a double vinyl. There’s going to be exclusive versions for all these regions so be sure to check them out! All layouts are designed by Petri Henriksson/Blank Blank and photographed by Korea’s finest Aki-Pekka Sinikoski.

And, as the snow storm covers also Helsinki, we leave you with updates full of joy for your eyes. New portraits, new nature photos & a small stack of new Casiokids pix.

Have fun!



Our main chef Peki has made hell of a lot of visual gourmets during the last months here in the cooking point of Korea. Sinikoski has once again feed hungry mouths all over in the field of photography. A lot of visual candies, dinners, lunches and snacks with the best Nordic flavours… As the grande menu he has lately photographed a large advertisement campaign for Helsingin Sanomat in co-operation with Family Inc.

In January 19th we will drop new chocolate for your eyes! So if you want to feed your eyes and soul you are more than welcome to enjoy the hottest sweets in town. But if you can’t take the heat, beware of you steps in our kitchen.

P.S. Unfortunately for you, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski is fully booked for the rest of the year 2009. So sorry, no more new photo shootings for this year. But if you want to have your own piece of photographic heaven, now is the perfect time to start to make your bookings for 2010.



The King of Korea, Aki-Peki has just sent a press release considering Korea’s new client vision for the fourth quarter of 2009:

“We will take you, to be our friend, our client and our lover. We will be yours in times of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, in times of failure and in times of triumph. We promise to cherish and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, and stay with you, for all eternity… or something.”

P.S. Last months have been R E A L L Y great. A lot of new pix online. Check them out!

P.P.S. King of Korea, Mr. Sinikoski himself is included in the latest issue of Swedish Magazine Serge together with Roger Ballen and two other great photographers. For more: